Hi! :)
I’m Dénes Papp, a freelancer web application developer for 6 years now. I love the opensource community,
love learning cutting-edge technologies and reading blogs of other experienced developers I admire from all over the world.
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Dénes Papp
Dénes Papp (pppdns) freelancer web developer Dénes Papp (pppdns) freelancer web developer
Client side Server side Other I also have some experience
with the following things:
Language knowledge: Studies: Free time:

I am very thorough and perfectionist during my work. I like viewing things from multiple viewpoints and read a lot before complex decisions and compare every significant option (e.g. choosing client/server side framework, project management software for myself, time management technique, CSS preprocessor and templating language).

Besides beeing a freelancer I also work on ePontOK project for years now, a loyalty system for big and little companies (http://epontok.hu/bemutato). This is a multi tenant system, it hosts a lot of loyalty systems, separate for every company with configurable business settings. Uses NFC, QR code reader (through a webcamera for paper cards), Proximity card reader, has multiple interfaces (for company owners, operators, customers, etc.), handles customizable discount rules, card generation handling, etc. I mainly work for US based companies who find and hire me, and have experience working with various multis

I follow a lot of community-built projects from day to day (see my favourite ones: https://github.com/stars/pppdns)
My nick on the web is pppdns
My Stack Overflow acc: http://stackoverflow.com/users/667773/denes-papp
Twitter: twitter.com/pappdenes
Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/100398876374924837814/posts
Elance: http://elance.com/s/pppdns/
Skype: pppdns
My homepage (you are here):

I also do mentoring and train individuals on a per hour basis ↓

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